A woman seeking redemption at the end of a church aisle…

Beautiful songbird Charlise Hartright is ruined. Introverted, shy and grieving her mother’s loss, she would do anything to restore the family name, even commit to a loveless match, if it means her beloved sister Elise will have a chance at finding her own happiness.

A man out to make his own name…

Sinclair McIntyre has travelled halfway across the world to be in charge of his own destiny. Tired of being in the shadow of his older brothers, he is determined to do things his own way to become an independent, self-made man.

A future laid out before each of them.

 But with a song

And a snowflake

Everything will change.

Alivia Fleur writes steamy romantic fiction for history lovers.

Alivia writes stories full of humour, history and heart. Her steamy short The Portrait Sitting is the winner of the Romance Writers of Australia RUBY for best novella.

She lives with her husband on a farm a long way from anywhere interesting with her husband, four dogs, and a charismatic chicken named Persephone.

Tales from Honeysuckle Street

“You won’t find Honeysuckle Street on a map. The street is too short and the name is too long.”

-Elise Hartright, A Song and a Snowflake.

Tales from Honeysuckle Street is a new historical romance series, set on a street in London in the 1870s. Click to learn more about some of the residents and meet Spencer, the King of Honeysuckle Street.