Tryst with a Viscount

I choose nothing in my life. I want to choose this. And if you will, I choose you.

Lillian has always been terribly good. She has always tried to live up to her family name and avoid scandal to help improve the marriage prospects for herself and her siblings. When she learns that a wealthy but uncaring man is planning to seek her hand, she is torn between her dreams of love and her duty to her family.

After years away adventuring, Huxley has been called home. Rugged, wild and handsome, he is facing a tawdry future married to a woman with no sense of adventure.

When the two meet by chance, the energy between them is undeniable. Lillian suggests one small indiscretion–a tryst–before the two of them are betrothed. Huxley is happy to oblige, and when Lillian confesses that this time will be her first time, Huxley promises to make it a night she will never forget.

Tryst with a Viscount is a steamy short story for fans of romantic historic fiction between consenting adults.