A Beginner’s Guide to Scandal


After fourteen years in the country, Hamish, Lord Dalton, has been sent to London to find a rich and titled wife. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. But Hamish has his own plans: to create a scandal and embarrass his critical, condescending father.

If only he knew how.

 Hamish enlists a notorious scoundrel to give him lessons in rakery. Drinking, gambling, racing, and boxing, he plans to learn it all and become a right proper rogue. But some lessons are harder than expected. It’s as if he has forgotten how to make trouble. Perhaps an evening out with his childhood best friend, his former collaborator in mischief, will help?

Iris Abberton wasn’t always confined by expectation and obligation. As a young girl, she ran wild through the streets of London, causing chaos and playing tricks on the ton with her best friend, Hamish.

Now, as the secret accountant for her father’s company, she spends her days juggling ledgers and maintaining appearances. Her wild years are behind her. And she cannot afford a hint of scandal if she is to realise her dreams for the business.

But what harm could there be in one tiny adventure? Just one evening of fun with her mischievous—and incredibly handsome—old friend.

It’s not as if their friendship has turned into something more.

Iris’s heart does not tremble with unsaid things when Hamish is around.

And nothing will sway Hamish from his mission. Yes, Iris is now all grown up, with sensual curves, kissable lips, and the same twinkle in her eyes, but he does not think about her in that way.

They’re just friends. Understand? Friends.

A Beginner’s Guide to Scandal is the first book in the Tales from Honeysuckle Street series. All books in the series are standalone reads. With a guaranteed HEA, A Beginner’s Guide to Scandal is a slow burn historical romance that goes from smouldering to HOT at just the right moment. It includes some strong language and sexy times.

This novel also contains themes of parental death that some audiences may find confronting.

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