Hi! My name is Alivia, and I write steamy romance for history lovers.

I started writing romance in 2022. At first I wanted to write short stories, but then my characters kept turning up with copious amounts of back story, demanding I help them solve their problems! In April, 2023, I published my first novel, A Beginner’s Guide to Scandal, the first in my series, Tales from Honeysuckle Street.

My novella, The Portrait Sitting, is a Romance Writers of Australia RUBY award winning story.

I live on a farm a long way from anywhere interesting, with my husband, our four dogs, and a charismatic chicken named Persephone.

I love being an indie writer. If you love reading indie books, check out Indie Book Vault, which is a fabulous site with one goal – to connect indiependent authors with the people who love to read and support independent books. You can find me, and many other talented authors there.